Zentangle: Animated

I Am the Diva Challenge #379

The Challenge: Create a holiday tile.

Happy holidays everyone. I hope you are enjoying the season.

In the holiday spirit, I have created a blinking image. I usually use software, Inkscape and Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, to create my tiles. One reason I create them this way is because Inkscape images can be animated. The following image is a example of an animation. Although, in this instance, I did not need to use Inkscape.  It is an animated gif that consists of two drawings: one with a blue Afterglo pattern and the other with a gold one. In both images, Afterglo is encircled with Akoya.

Animated gifs can be created from manual drawings. You create a sequence of drawings each with a slight change in the image. You then put them together like frames in a movie and convert them to an animated gif. I used Photoshop to create mine. However, if you want to animate your drawings, you can use one of the free online converters. Click here for one. I used it in the video posted below in response to Anmato's request.

Zentangle: Animation

In Response to Anmato

The animation consists of  these two files:

Here is short video on how they are put together to create a blinking effect.

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