Cut and Paste

You can use the Cut feature to remove text or objects from a document. Then you can use the Paste feature to place the cut text or objects anywhere in the same or another document. In other words, you can move information from one place in a document to another place in the same or different document by using the Cut and Paste commands.

The Office Clipboard is a temporary storage area. When you cut or copy, Word stores your cut or copied data on the Clipboard. Data stays on the Clipboard until you cut or copy new data. You can paste the information on the Clipboard as many times as you like and you can paste information stored on the Clipboard into other applications.


  1. Select what you want to cut. Word highlights your selection.
  2. Choose the Home tab
  3. Click the Cut button cut in the Clipboard group. Word cuts your selection and places it on the Clipboard.


  1. Place the insertion point where you want to paste.
  2. Choose the Home tab.
  3. Click the Paste button paste  in the Clipboard group. Word pastes what you last cut or copied.

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Instead of cutting and pasting, you can drag and drop. Select the text you want to move. With the text selected, hold down the left mouse button, drag the text to the new location, and then release the left mouse button.

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When you paste, the Paste Options button paste-options appears. You can use this button to set the formatting for the text you paste. Click the button to display a list of options and then click the option you want.

Keep Source Formatting:  keep-source-formattingMaintains the original formatting.

Keep Text Only:  Discards all formatting and pastes the text.

Merge Formatting:  merge-formattingChanges the formatting to match the surrounding text.

Set Default Paste: Opens the Word Options dialog box. You can use the options in the Cut, Copy, and Paste section to set the default formatting you want to use when you paste within the same document, paste between documents, or paste from other programs.

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You can select the formatting you want to use before you paste. Click the down-arrow below the Paste button. A menu appears. Click the option you want: Keep Source Formatting , Keep Text Only , or Merge Formatting . Word pastes, using the formatting option you selected.

Cut and Paste Shortcut Keys

Description Shortcut Keys
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V


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