Change the Font Case

Font case determines whether the characters are capitalized. Generally, to capitalize, you hold down the Shift key while you press the letter you want to capitalize. If you got the case settings wrong as you typed, you can change the capitalization. Text can be set to the cases listed in the following table.

Change Font Cases

Option Description
Sentence Case Word sets the first character of the first word in each sentence to uppercase and sets the remaining characters to lowercase.
Lowercase Word sets all characters to lowercase.
Uppercase Word sets all characters to uppercase.
Capitalize Each Word Word sets the first character in each word to uppercase.
Toggle Case Word sets every uppercase character to lowercase and every lowercase character to uppercase. This option is good for changing the case when you began typing without realizing you had the Caps Lock key on.


Change the Font Case

  1. Select the text. Word highlights the text.
  2. Choose the Home tab.
  3. Click the down-arrow next to the Change Case button change-case in the Font group, and then click the option you want. Word changes the case of your selection.
  4. Click in the text area. The highlighting disappears.

You can use Shift+F3 to change the case. What it does depends on your selection.

Change Case Shortcut Keys

Description Shortcut Keys
Change the first character of each word to uppercase Shift+F3 if all characters are lowercase
Change all characters to uppercase Shift+F3 if the first character of each word is uppercase
Change all characters to lowercase Shift-F3 if all characters are uppercase
Toggle between uppercase and lowercase Ctrl+Shift+A
Remove formatting Ctrl+Spacebar

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