Format Text with the Mini Toolbar

Another way to change the font, font size, or font color or to bold, italicize, underline, or highlight characters is to use the Mini toolbar. The Mini toolbar provides a section of the Ribbon with popular commands on it. You can use the Mini toolbar to execute commands quickly. After you select characters, the Mini toolbar appears. If it does not, you can force its appearance by right-clicking. Once you see the Mini toolbar, click the option you want.

Format with the Mini Toolbar

  1. Select the characters you want to format. Word highlights the text.
  2. Right-click to view the Mini toolbar if it does not appear automatically.
  3. Click the formatting options you want. You can click as many as you need. Word formats the characters you selected.
  4. Click in the text area. The highlighting disappears.

Icon QuestionCan I prevent the Mini toolbar from automatically appearing every time I select?

Yes. 1) Choose the File tab. A menu appears along the left side of the window. 2) Click Options. The Word dialog box opens. A menu appears along the left side of the dialog box. 3) Choose General. 4) In the User Interface Options section, uncheck Show Mini Toolbar on Selection. 5) Click OK. Word will no longer automatically display the Mini toolbar. You will now have to right-click to display it.

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