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In Word, before you can perform any action on text, you must select it. For example, if you want to bold, select the text you want to bold and then click the Bold button. Word highlights selected text. In this section, I will introduce you to many ways to select text. There is no single right way to select or do anything else in Word. From the many methods I introduce you to, choose the one you find the most comfortable. To remove a selection, click in the text area.

Selection Methods

Method Procedure
Shift + Arrow Keys Click where you want to begin your selection, hold down the Shift key, and press an arrow key. Use the Up-arrow key to move up, the Down-arrow key to move down, the Left-arrow key to move left, and the Right-arrow key to move right.
Click and drag with the mouse Click where you want to begin your selection. Press and hold down the left mouse button while you drag the mouse until you have highlighted the area you want to select.
Using a touchscreen If you are using a touchscreen, for information on how to select, refer to the operating instructions for your device.
Shift Key + Click Click where you want to begin your selection, hold down the Shift key, and then click where you want to end your selection.
Select a word Double-click anywhere in the word you want to select.
Select a sentence Hold down the Ctrl key and click anywhere in the sentence you want to select.
Select a column Before selecting a column, you must place your computer in Block Selection mode. Right-click on the status bar. A menu appears. Check Selection Mode. Block Selection will now appear on the status bar when you are in Block Selection mode.Press Ctrl+Shift+F8. You are now in block selection mode. Click and drag to where you want to end your selection.Note: Press the Esc key or press F8 to exit Block Selection mode.You can use the Block Selection method when working with columns you created by using tabs but not when working with columns you created by using tables.


The Selection Area

The unmarked area along the left side of your document is called the selection area. You know you are in the selection area when your mouse pointer turns into a right-pointing arrow . In this area, you can use your mouse to make a selection quickly.

Using the Selection Area

Selection Procedure
Select a line Point to the line you want to select and then click. To select additional lines, hold down the left mouse button and drag upward or downward.
Select a paragraph Place the mouse pointer in the selection area, point to the paragraph you want to select, and then double-click.
Select the entire document Place the mouse pointer in the selection area, hold down the Ctrl key, and click.


Icon QuestionIs there another way to select?

You can use the F8 key. When you press F8, Word puts you in Selection mode. If Selection Mode is checked on the status bar menu, the words "Extend Selection" appear on the status bar. In Selection mode, to select a word, press F8 once. To select a sentence, press F8 twice. To select a paragraph, press F8 three times. To select a section, press F8 four times. To select the entire document, press F8 five times.

Or, you can press F8 and then move to a specific character, including a comma, period, or paragraph marker. For example, you can place the insertion point where you want to begin your selection, press F8, and then press comma to select to the next comma. You can also press F8 and then press Enter to select to the end of the paragraph.

Pressing the F8 key anchors the insertion point. After you press F8, you can use the arrow keys to make your selection.

Press F8 again then press the Esc key to exit Selection mode.

Selection Shortcut Keys

Description Shortcut Keys
Select to end of word Ctrl+Shift+Right-Arrow
Select to beginning of word Ctrl+Shift+Left-Arrow
Select to end of line Shift+End
Select to beginning of line Shift+Home
Select to end of paragraph Ctrl+Shift+Down-Arrow
Select to beginning of paragraph Ctrl+Shift+Up-Arrow
Select one page down Shift+Page Down
Select one page up Shift+Page Up
Select to end of document Ctrl+Shift+End
Select to beginning of document Ctrl+Shift+Home
Select the entire document Ctrl+A

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