Zentangle: Inktober 2017 Samplers

I enjoyed doing Inktober 2018 so much that I went back and did Inktober 2017. Some of the prompts were the same. I only duplicated them when I wanted to create a substantial variation.

Inktober 2017

Row 1: Bunzo, Disco, Feeling Knotty

Row 2: Diva Dance, Marasu, Ponio

Row 3: Rixty, Twizted, Hurry

Inktober 2017

Row 1: Flux, Bales, Printemps

Row 2: Flukes, Crescent Moon, Tripoli

Row 3: Ix, Shattuck, Hibred

Inktober 2017

Row 1: Hollibaugh, Meer, Yin-Cut

Row 2: Poke Leaf, Florz, Wibble

Row 3: Cadent, Oof, Naida

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