Joey’s Weekly Tangle Challenge

In my last post, I mentioned that I had taken on the zentangle challenge over at Well, another website,, also offers a challenge and I decided to take that one on also. In that challenge, we are to take 9 tiles and create a 3 by 3 matrix. On the tiles, we draw a string (design), that crosses every tile. We number the tiles one to nine. It is a nine week challenge. Each week we draw  a new tile.

A while back my mother gave me this wall-hanging.  It was her first quilt.

I have long wanted to replicate it using tangles. This challenge was just the motivation I needed. While, the string does not cross tiles, I think I am still in the spirit of things.

I got started a little late. So, I drew two tiles this week. Here they are:


It is now week three. So, here is tile number three:

It is now week four. Here is tile number four:

I am really enjoying this and glad that I took on this challenge!

It is week five. I am beginning to think about how I am going to put the finished tiles together. One big question is, should I add color? I am leaning toward yes. What am I going to use to color the tiles? At this point, I do not know. How am I going to join the tiles? My tiles are four inch squares. I saw some four inch frames on the Walmart website. Using them could be cute, but a four inch square is so small. I really don't know. I also saw some eight inch frames with a 4 inch mat. That might be better. I could print them all on a single sheet. I really cannot decide. In any case, here is my week five tile:

This week's challenge is to use the pattern Ginili. I was not familiar with it, but I like it. Among the many positive things about these challenges is that they force me to use patterns I would not ordinarily choose. I'm looking forward to next week.

Tile 7. We used N'Zeppel. I have seen this pattern a lot, but have never used it. I will definitely use it again.


It is now week eight. Here is tile number eight:

It is now week nine. Here is tile number nine:


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