Inkscape: Create Clones

In Inkscape, you can clone an object. A clone is an exact copy of the original and Inkscape places it directly on top of the original. You can move it to another location. A clone differs from a duplicate in that, when you make a change to the original, the clone also changes. For example, if you change the shape of the original, the shape of the clone will also change. You can transform (move, skew, rotate, or  scale)  a clone; and you can change the color of the stroke or fill if they are set to Unset. You cannot make any other changes to it, such as adjusting its controls or nodes. But, remember, you can make any type of change to the original.

You can only clone a single object or a group.  You can clone a clone; however, changes you make to the cloned clone will not effect the original or clones of the original. Since clones and the original look alike, you can easily lose track of the original. You can use the Edit > Clone > Select Original option to find it. If you no longer want a clone to act like a clone, but instead, like and independent object,  you can click Edit > Clone > Unlink Clone to unlink it from the original.

Clone an Object

  1. Select the object or group you want to clone.
  2. Click Edit > Clone > Create Clone or press Alt + D. Inkscape clones your selection.

Find the Original Clone

  1. Select a clone.
  2. Click Edit > Clone > Select Original or press Shift + D. Inkscape finds the original.

Unlink Clones

  1. Select the clones you want to unlink.
  2. Click Edit > Clone > Unlink Clone or press Shift + Alt + D. Inkscape unlinks the clone.

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