Zentangle: Andromeda

I did not post this during the week the challenge was issued. So, I guess you can call it a catch-up submission.  It is for Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #203 - a tribute to Valentine's Day. I drew it in Inkscape and included the patterns Rose and Eddyper.

Valentine Tribute

This is my submission for this week, Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #205. It was supposed to be a finish my tile challenge. It did not turn out exactly the way I wanted or the way it should have. When I looked at Joey's tile, I thought the Andromeda needed more space and I thought I could create the space by creating a mosaic, four tiles with the image you see on them. That did not work out.  I ended up with what you see.

Zentangle Andromeda

I drew it in Inkscape, then imported it into Photoshop. In Photoshop, I simulated a water color background and added a bit of shadow.

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