Several Zentangles

This post is in response to several, I am the Diva, Zentangle challenges. It's a catch-up submission, as it includes challenges from previous weeks that were never submitted. I will start with the most recent challenge and work backwards.

353: Heart Zendala

I don't have much to say about this one; except, it was fun to draw.


352: String Theory-Nested Hearts

When I drew this, I just felt like drawing flowers.


351: Heart of a Champion

This combines a tribute to the Olympics and  a tribute to Valentines Day. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I did not change Laura Harms' (The Diva's) basic design at all because I liked it so much.


349: Rumpus

I did two of these. After I did the first one, I wanted to see it with orbs.

Zentangle Rumpus

Zentangle Rumpus

347: String Theory-Traced Objects

This, in my opinion, was another brilliant idea. The instruction: trace the objects. I will definitely use this idea again.

Zentangle Keys

346: Duo Tangle Phicops vs Huggins

This is plain and simple. But, it is a pin wheel. So, if you like, you can spin it.

Phicops vs Huggins

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