Zentangle: Several More Zentangles

I have the results of several challenges to share with you, but, before we get started, I want to explain a few things. First, all of these drawings were drawn in Inkscape, and all of the effects such as colors, shadows, bevels, and overlays were added using a very old version (version 3) of Photoshop.  Photoshop defines a pattern as a repeating image. You can use an image of anything — paper, wood, or a drawing — as a basis for your pattern. In several of the images displayed here, I used a pattern overlay to create the background.

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #207

I wanted to see if I could actually finish someone else's tile. So, I drew this as much like the original as I could.

Zentangle: Ribbons and Flowers

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #206

I love this silly little picture. I had a hard time with this challenge. There were two failed attempts, and I was actually going to go with one of them, when I started doodling and came up with this.

zentangle fish

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #200 & 202

I particularly like this background. It is a standard pattern that came with Photoshop. I added a gradient overlay to the drawing. I like the result. It makes the drawing look, almost, as if it was drawn in ink.


I am the Diva Challenge #355

This challenge uses the pattern Verve. It reminded me of the pattern Stripping and challenge #336. So I approached it the same way; except, instead of using a white background, I used a patterned overlay.


I am the Diva Challenge #354

To me,  this looks like a wall of ceramic tiles.

Zentangle tiles



Post Script:

Looks like I got the tangle wrong.  I started out doing it correctly — I think, but I kept changing things around until I ended up with something that is either totally off, or is what some people would call a "variation."

Question About Comments

First, I would like to say I appreciate and welcome all your comments.

I would like to comment on other peoples work, but if the site is hosted on blogspot, I can't. I have a Google account, and I have tried logging in and then trying to post, but that does not work. I have tried posting as anonymous, but that does not work either. In fact, short of opening up my own blogspot account, I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works.  If anybody can tell me what I might be doing wrong, it would be appreciated.

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