Zentangle: Inktober 2018 Samplers

In the words of Stephanie Jennifer "Inktober is an online event where artists all over the world challenge themselves by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month." My time this month is limited. So, my drawings are simple. Based on Stephanie's prompts, I have put together the following set of samplers. The tiles are in no particular order.

After creating these, I realized that they would really come in handy as a reference. My plan is to continue creating them, print them out, create a book, and use the book as a reference. By the way, I do have a printed tangle reference . I downloaded it free from Doodles from the Heart. I recommend it to everyone. It is so much easier to use than scrolling through pages on a website.

Zentangle Inktober Sampler

Row 1: Fe-Ba, Frunky, Onion Drops

Row 2: Mooka, Cockles 'n' Mussels, Sez

Row 3: Facets, Abeko, Sand Swirl

Zentagle: Inktober Sampler

Row 1: Hamadox, Cross-ur-heart, Joki

Row 2: Patience, Heartswell, Yuma

Row 3: Ando, Ixorus, Wud

Zentagle: Inktober Sampler

Row 1: Q-belle, Ginilli, Pais

Row 2: Inapod, Cruffle, YAH

Row 3: Copada, Fleavy, Luv-a

Zentangle: Inktober sampler

Row 1: Dewd, Oybay, W2

Row 2: African-artist, 1-2-3, Narwal

Row 3: Auraknot, Bales, Bask-it


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